BasiWall™ is a modular panel-based system, adjustable to the ever-changing needs of an operation theatre or cleanroom.

It provides a smoothly finished and flat result, minimizing edges and seams, eliminating sources of microbial contaminations and compensates any levelling discrepancies of the foreseen area of installation ±20mm.

Targeting controlled-contamination environment spaces in hospitals or pharmaceutical clean industries, the system provides a uniform appearance and optimal functionality.
Proposing several types of panels such as Compact antibacterial HPL (High Pressure Laminate), Methacrylic polymer (Dupont De Nemours® Corian©), Stainless steel (AISI 304) or Glass, that fulfil the needs of the most demanding projects meeting all internationally accepted regulatory standards (i.e. GMP, GLP).

The adaptation of the system provides solutions for each type of angle in any given space angle – close type – 90° positive or negative and open type – 135° positive or negative – thus ensuring that the use of the open space will be maximized for the benefit of the project.

All panels and profiles are interconnected with a series of patented aluminium extruded materials (thus ensuring the antimicrobial effect). Additionally, the patented Molypro AB™ Gasket, responsible for hermetically securing the edges (rear edge of the panel and the subframe structure) eliminates even the slightest possibility of a microbial contamination between the modular panel system and the panels independently that could occur from system voids.

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