Responding to the challenge of the clean room laboratories, operation theatre worktops as well as nurse guichets and monitoring nurse stations for I.C.U. (Intensive Care Units), Basileiou company proposes a vast selection of solutions to satisfy all needs, depending on the requirements of the space of installation.

Complete frame construction from modular parts, interchangeable and can easily adapt to any change or future modification.

High quality raw material and certified suppliers provide us a mix of material, that once manufactured through our controlled and certified process, the outcome is a product that was built for the laboratory and the hospital’s harsh environment.

Worktops can be divided into two great categories, in which there is always a constant specification : Antimicrobial resistance.

High pressure laminate (HPL) can be used everywhere. A temperature resistant (180°C), waterproof, and with a high load capacity surface, that will satisfy the needs of the harshest conditions in a cleanroom or a hospital environment. They are easy to clean and can therefore be used in areas with high cleanliness requirements and have antimicrobial specifications.

Corian worktops have the advantage that individual panels can be seamed and sanded to form a seamless smooth surface of any desired length. For this reason, Corian is primarily used in areas requiring maximum cleanliness and antimicrobial resistance.

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