The BasiWall™ and BasiCeil™ operating theatre modular system, is a complete solution for the wall segregation of open or confined spaces, with the use of a set of patented profiles. This modular system stands out for its structural flexibility and aesthetic functionality, thereby ensuring the creation of segregated rooms, that are flexible, functional and allow comfort in the everyday harsh hospital working environment.

The complete systems along with the corner fittings between walls, are studied designed and realized with a specialized technology developed by G. Basileiou SA in order to minimize edges, seams and notches which can be assist eliminating any possible source of bacterial contamination.

From conception to completion of an operating theatre, we are able implement our expertise and implement the installation of a wide range of profiles and finishes that will make each project unique and efficient.


All the work performed by G. Basileiou S.A. are in accordance with international quality and environmental systems :

  • EN ISO 9001 : 2015 – Quality Management Systems
  • EN ISO 14001 : 2015– Environmental Management Systems

The BasiWall™ & BasiCeil™ modular systems are specifically designed to meet the ever demanding requirements in a hospital environment while presenting the following benefits :

  • Modular assembly
    • No silicone glue application
    • Assembly without surprises
    • Modular patented profiles that assist the installation
    • Easy to assemble/disassemble in case of future reparations
    • Flexible structure for relocation or expansion
  • Designed for operation rooms/theatres:
    • High tolerance to aggressive cleaning
    • Resistance to sanitizing agents
    • Watertight system
    • High mechanical resistance
    • Smooth and uniform finish
  • Adapted for high exposure areas:
    • Tested resistance to chemicals
    • Antibacterial barrier
    • Non-porous materials with anti-scratch properties

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